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Wednesday October 23, 2019

Instagram bans 'cosmetic surgery' filters
Effects showing what people might look after surgery will go, amid concerns they harm mental health.

Amy Webb: Three things women need to know for the year 2030
Amy Webb is a renowned futurist - she looks back at the past and scours data to figure out what might be round the corner.

WeWork accepts multi-billion-dollar Softbank rescue deal
The cash-strapped office rental firm has accepted a bailout deal from Japanese backer Softbank.

Rover-drone combo hope to spot and destroy landmines
The system could eventually replace the need for humans to demine areas.

The founder of an over-50s dating app shares her secrets
The founder of a dating app for people over fifty shares her business advice with the BBC.

UK cyber-centre targets payment card fraud
Banks are being told which payment cards to watch by government cyber-experts targeting online thieves.

Katie Price, Lauren Goodger and Georgia Harrison Instagram posts banned
Advertising watchdog bans weight loss posts by Katie Price, Lauren Goodger and Georgia Harrison.

Tuesday October 22, 2019

Lighthouse moved 70m on rails to save it from falling into sea
Coastal erosion threatened to topple Denmark's Rubjerg Knude lighthouse - but now it's being moved.

Climate: 100% organic farming would boost emissions
Going fully organic in England and Wales would require more imports of food and increase carbon output.

'Molar Berg': Getting a measure of Antarctica's big new iceberg
Scientists use satellites to run the rule over the White Continent's latest mega-berg.

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