12th Nov '19

The Latest Science from BBC News

Tuesday November 12, 2019

General election 2019: 'Cyber-attack' on Labour Party digital platforms
The party says the DDoS attack against its systems failed, but an online campaign tool was disrupted.

Where plastic outnumbers fish by seven to one
Plastic is building up in the areas of the ocean where fish feed and grow, according to research.

Slow websites to be labelled by Chrome browser
Users could get warnings about web pages that are poorly designed and take time to show up.

Project Nightingale: Google accesses trove of US patient data
The tech giant has struck a deal with huge US health firm Ascension, giving it access to the records.

'I woke up to thousands of messages from Malaysia'
Why a Malaysian exam question thrust the spotlight on London-based paraglider Laura Melissa Williams.

Some people 'genetically wired' to avoid some vegetables
An inherited gene makes certain healthy foods taste exceptionally bitter and unpleasant, according to researchers.

The fake video where Johnson and Corbyn endorse each other
A "deepfake" video has been made where the PM and Labour leader endorse one another in the election.

Brexit 'puts brakes on UK launch of e-scooters'
Voi Technology says the UK could be left behind by not changing regulations to allow electric scooters.

Vaping nearly killed me, says British teenager
Vaping caused a catastrophic reaction in Ewan Fisher's lungs that meant he could not breathe.

Is China gaining an edge in artificial intelligence?
The US-China over artificial intelligence is heating up, but some warn the US could be over-reacting.

Monday November 11, 2019

Instagram is trialling removing likes on some US posts
The social media platform is removing visible 'likes' for some users, after trials in seven countries.

The 'indestructible' robots which do backflips
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology released a video of nine four-legged robots hopping around the campus.

Apple throws Instagram 'stalker' app off store
Like Patrol had offered users a way to see which posts their "friends liked" and whom they followed.

Climate change: Bigger hurricanes are now more damaging
The most damaging tropical cyclones are three times more frequent now than they were 100 years ago.

Ice loss causing Arctic to reflect less heat
A loss of snow and ice cover are the main reasons for the reduction of the Arctic's albedo effect, not soot as had been previously thought.

UK reaches 10% full-fibre milestone
The technology lets people browse the web at connection speeds of hundreds of megabits per second.

Bird of the Year: Rare anti-social penguin wins New Zealand poll
The rare hoiho becomes the first penguin to take the title, after two weeks of "memes and trash-talk".

Planet Mercury passes across the face of the Sun
Astronomers are observing a rare event, a transit of the planet Mercury.

Instagram influencer behind 'bullying' anonymous account
Clemmie Hooper apologises for using a different social-media platform to criticise fellow influencers.

Bloodhound diary: Racing at over 500mph
Land speed record holder Andy Green finally gets to drive the Bloodhound car across the Kalahari.

Play store apps to be scanned for malware
Apps that try to trick people into handing over cash or lock up phones could be caught by the scanners.

Climate change: British Airways reviews 'fuel-tankering' over climate concerns
A British Airways insider has revealed airlines deliberately fill planes with extra fuel to cut costs.

Hong Kong protester's shooting by policeman livestreamed on Facebook
A Hong Kong news outlet livestreamed the moment a policeman shot a protester during a demonstration.

Climate change: Speed limits for ships can have 'massive' benefits
Cutting the speed of ships by 20% can benefit health, protect whales and limit warming, say campaigners.

Sunday November 10, 2019

Want to run faster? Improve your algorithm
Why better information about your gait could help runners hit a new personal best.

Saturday November 09, 2019

Bloodhound land speed car will be back racing next week
Engineers think they understand why a heat sensor has been playing up on the superfast desert vehicle.

Urchinbot could help ocean clean-up and other tech news
BBC Click's Lara Lewington looks at some of the week's best technology stories.

What do you need to do to become a YouTube star?
Two Sunday League footballers and rising internet stars find out from YouTube royalty.

Friday November 08, 2019

Twitter in India: Why was rival Mastodon trending?
It comes amid criticism of what some say is Twitter's "highly inconsistent" stand on hate speech.

Climate change: Sea ice loss linked to spread of deadly virus
Scientists say the decline of Arctic sea ice is connected to the spread of disease among marine mammals.

Death Stranding: A game you might hate and love
The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus stars in the latest release from game designer Hideo Kojima.

Bye box: How streaming could kill the games console
Streaming games services will offer an alternative to the traditional console, but will they kill off?

Thursday November 07, 2019

TikTok: Should we trust the Chinese social-media video app?
US lawmakers are worried about TikTok's Chinese ownership, despite its data-protection assurances.

Boston Dynamics boss learned by unbalancing toddler
Marc Raibert tells BBC News he nudged his daughter over just to work out how people balance.

The 'Bloodhound' supercar aiming to break the land speed record
The BBC met the driver of Bloodhound - part racing car and part spaceship - during testing in South Africa.

Wednesday November 06, 2019

Confidence high in Bloodhound land speed record team
The UK-led challenge to the land speed record clocks 501mph in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa.

General election 2019: Greens call for £100bn a year for climate action
Co-leader Sian Berry urges £100bn a year to be spent on climate action at the party's campaign launch.

'Astonishing' fossil ape discovery revealed
Fossils of a newly-discovered ancient ape could give clues to how walking on two feet evolved.

Extinction Rebellion: High Court rules London protest ban unlawful
Lawyers say police now face claims for false imprisonment from "potentially hundreds" of protesters.

Boeing aims for Moon landing in 'fewer steps'
The aerospace giant unveils its proposal for a lander that could take humans to the lunar surface.

Nuclear fusion is 'a question of when, not if'
Scientists say we are close to making fusion power a reality - but will it arrive in time to combat climate change?

Teabags: Is there plastic in yours?
Here's a look at how some of the UK's biggest tea brands are trying to tackle the plastic problem.

General election 2019: How big an issue is climate change for voters?
Polling suggests the environment is a concern for more voters than ever - but by the end of the campaign will politicians be answering their questions?

Climate change: ?Clear and unequivocal? emergency, say scientists
Around 11,000 scientists have endorsed research that says the world is facing a climate emergency.

Hunters of rare Swiss ibex stir Alps wildlife row
A Swiss region allows trophy hunters to shoot ibex, but the elusive animal remains rare in the Alps.

Could the world cope if GPS stopped working?
Despite widespread reliance on the system, there is no universal plan to deal with GPS disruption.

Tuesday November 05, 2019

Climate change alters Highland red deer gene pool
Scientists say they have seen "evolution in action" in the Highlands because of warmer temperatures.

Bloodhound goes faster still at 491mph
The UK-led challenge to the land speed record ups its pace in trials in the Kalahari Desert.

Paris climate accords: US notifies UN of intention to withdraw
It means the US could formally leave the Paris Agreement a day after the 2020 presidential election.

Dorset art installation recreates Delhi and London smog
Pods allow visitors to experience the air quality in Delhi, London, Beijing, São Paulo and Norway.

Behind the wheel of a hydrogen-powered car
Hydrogen cars are green, quick to refuel and have range, so why are battery cars way ahead of them?

Monday November 04, 2019

Voyagers shed light on Solar System's structure
Data from spacecraft launched in the 1970s help determine the shape of the magnetic bubble around the Sun.

Hoglets 'too light to hibernate' after wet summer, charity says
A wildlife centre in Leicestershire says it is "overwhelmed" with the numbers of underweight hoglets.

Sunday November 03, 2019

General election 2019: Labour pledges billions for home energy upgrades
The party says a huge programme to fund household energy-saving would reduce bills and create jobs.

Jane Fonda: 'I worry about climate activist Greta Thunberg'
The actress and activist on why she's being arrested each week but not wanting to go to prison.

Saturday November 02, 2019

Cookies in space: Oven sent to ISS for baking experiments
An oven for baking chocolate chip cookies is making its way to the International Space Station.

Climate change: Asia 'coal addiction' must end, UN chief warns
António Guterres says Asian countries must use greener energy sources to tackle the climate crisis.

Woodhouse Colliery: First UK deep coal mine in decades to go ahead
The new mine in Cumbria could create 500 jobs but protesters argue it will contribute to global warming.

Leonardo Di Caprio: 'Greta Thunberg a leader of our time'
Hollywood star says he's optimistic about the future because of climate activist's campaigning.

Fracking halted after government pulls support
Drilling for shale gas will cease in England - but the government stops short of an outright ban.

Nairobi water: What's behind severe shortages?
The Kenyan capital city is facing water supply issues - how serious is the problem?

Climate change: Thousands invited to join citizens' assembly
The MPs' initiative will look at what members of the public can do to reduce CO2.

Electric cars: Best and worst places to charge your car
London and Scotland are the best places to find charging points, while Yorkshire is the worst.

The Aeronauts: Facts about fiction in Eddie Redmayne's new film
Eddie Redmayne's new movie The Aeronauts is based on real events - but just how accurate is it?

Monday October 28, 2019

Probing the Universe's Dark Energy with a super-telescope
A super telescope has begun the most detailed observation of the Universe ever undertaken.

Sunday October 27, 2019

Jane Fonda 'inspired by Greta Thunberg'
Actress Jane Fonda was arrested alongside fellow actor Ted Danson at a climate protest.

The underwater archaeologist unearthing Durham's past
Over the past decade more than 12,000 valuable artefacts have been found.

Saturday October 26, 2019

Doubts grow over UK environment protection post-Brexit
Concerns have been raised over how a government established watchdog will enforce new green targets.

Friday October 25, 2019

Pesticide poisoned French paradise islands in Caribbean
France has a pollution crisis in the Caribbean caused by toxic chlordecone sprayed on banana crops.

Thursday October 24, 2019

Inside America's Aladdin's cave of dead animals
There are millions of creatures, flora and fauna stored at the National Wildlife Property Repository in Colorado

Wednesday October 23, 2019

The battle to break plastic's bonds
US chemists have turned plastic into motor oil, but the scientific battle to break down the tide of plastic waste continues.

Friday October 18, 2019

European SolO probe ready to take on audacious mission
A UK-assembled European spacecraft aims to take the closest ever pictures and movies of the Sun.

Thursday October 17, 2019

Satellites to monitor whale strandings from space
Scientists are developing the techniques to spot mass stranding events from orbit.

Wednesday October 16, 2019

Why this woman hates to hear about 'big bad wolf'
The leashed beasts may look like large powerful dogs, but they still have the wild heart of a wolf.

Bloodhound diary: South African trials get under way
The team behind the Bloodhound supersonic car is in Northern Cape to start running the vehicle.

Monday October 14, 2019

The Russian who could have been first to Moon
Alexei Leonov, who died on Friday, could have been the first human to land on the Moon.