18th Jan '21

The Latest Science from BBC News

Monday January 18, 2021

E-scooter rider given ban for drink-driving on Isle of Wight
Kyah Jordan is thought to be the first person convicted of drink-driving on an e-scooter in the UK.

Uganda election: Internet restored but social media blocked
Online services were restricted ahead of last week's vote, and social media remains blocked.

Capitol riots: Bumble dating app unblocks politics filter
The platform disabled its "political preferences" tab following the Capitol Hill riots.

Chip-shortage 'crisis' halts car-company output
A shortage of computer chips is leading to car factories shutting down for days at a time.

'We got a lot of grief when our photo became a meme'
These four lads had no idea their picture would still be trending two years later.

Github apologises for firing Jewish employee who warned about 'Nazis'
The Jewish employee had warned co-workers about the danger of Nazis during the Capitol Riots.

Lee Jae Yong: Samsung heir gets prison term for bribery scandal
A South Korean court sentenced Lee Jae Yong to two and a half years in prison.

A wristband that tells your boss if you are unhappy
Technology to help our mental wellbeing has grown in popularity during the coronavirus lockdowns.

BT faces 600m lawsuit over 'overcharging'
A group of pensioners seek compensation for what they say was the excessive pricing of landlines.

Racism in education: How 'truth pages' helped students fight back
'Truth pages', where students share their experiences of racism, have been on appearing on social media since the killing of George Floyd.

Sunday January 17, 2021

WhatsApp changes: Signal messaging platform restored after surge prompts outage
Signal experienced a surge and stopped working after WhatsApp unveiled new privacy terms last week.

SLS: Nasa's 'megarocket' engine test ends early
A critical engine test for Nasa's new "megarocket" - the Space Launch System (SLS) - ends early.

Online clothes sellers targeted by 'creepy' messages
Women are sent sexually explicit messages and requests for "worn" garments.

Are women let down by period trackers?
Millions of women use apps to track their menstrual cycle, but many say they do not work well enough.

Saturday January 16, 2021

Home Office 'working to restore' lost police records
Hundreds of thousands of DNA and arrest records were deleted after a human error, the Home Office says.

CES: Tech to control your devices remotely
Omar Mehtab tries a wristband that allows you to control your laptop and a smart fitness ring.

Friday January 15, 2021

CES: Smart dog flaps and home robots
BBC Click's LJ Rich looks at some of the tech debuted at the technology expo.

Protecting fragile ecosystems from lithium mining
More lithium is needed to supply the electric car market, but can it be produced in a sustainable way?

Johan 'N0tail' Sundstein: Inside the world's richest e-sports player's mansion
Johan "N0tail" Sundstein has earned more than $7.4m (5.4m) in prize money to date.

Thursday January 14, 2021

Government defends Cumbria coal mine green light
Climate change: Cumbria coal mine "risks making Britain a laughing stock"

Climate change: 'Exceptionally hot' 2020 concludes warmest decade
The years between 2011 and 2020 were the hottest on record, and 2020 was among the warmest of all.

Electric eels work together to zap prey
The electric predators work in groups to herd and "zap" their prey in unison, scientists shocked to discover.

CES 2021: Smart pillows and internet-connected smoothies
The product tracks movements in the night to automatically adjust its height.

Samsung S21 Ultra: First look at the new device
Chris Fox takes a first look at the Samsung S21 Ultra, which works with the S Pen stylus.

The Scottish postman behind 'Sea Shanty TikTok'
Nathan Evans's renditions of the ancient songs have racked up millions of views on the video-sharing app.

Honey detective work raises fears for bees
Pollinators risk running short of food as wildflowers disappear in a "green desert", experts warn.

Past Covid-19 infection may provide 'months of immunity'
But researchers warn there is still a risk of catching and passing the virus on to others again.

Indonesia: Archaeologists find world's oldest animal cave painting
The life-sized picture of a wild pig found in a remote cave is thought to be 45,000 years old.

Growing food: Call to give vegetable growers public cash
An alliance of food experts want more public funds to go towards Wales-grown produce.

Australia: Spectacular ?tree of life? found in lake
An amateur photographer?s aerial photos are gaining attention for this little known "natural wonder".

Tuesday January 12, 2021

Climate change: US emissions in 2020 in biggest fall since WWII
US greenhouse gas emissions tumbled below their 1990 level last year, because of Covid-19 shutdowns.

Nasa's Curiosity rover: 3,000 days on Mars
Three thousand days and counting: Nasa's Curiosity rover continues its extraordinary exploration of Mars.

Silencing Trump: How 'big tech' is taking Trumpism offline
Within days tech giants have moved to "deplatform" the president and some of his supporters.

Ocean pollutants 'have negative effect on male fertility'
Harbour porpoises exposed to PCBs had shrunken testicles, suggesting sperm and fertility effects.

Monday January 11, 2021

3bn UK climate finance to be spent on supporting nature
The PM says investment is needed to protect marine life, forests and sustainable food production.

UK allows emergency use of bee-harming pesticide
In 2018, the EU and UK imposed an almost-total ban because of the serious damage it could cause.

Sunday January 10, 2021

How South African police are tackling pangolin smugglers
The pangolin is said to be the world's most trafficked mammal. The BBC reports on a rescue operation.

Friday January 08, 2021

What is Elon Musk's Starship?
Elon Musk's company SpaceX is building a vehicle that could transform space travel.

Greener planes of the future... or just pretty plans?
The aerospace industry is testing models of radical looking aircraft, but will they ever make it into production?

Thursday January 07, 2021

Elon Musk's six secrets to business success
Six principles that have helped Elon Musk become the richest person on the planet.

Consultation launched over gene edited food in England
The UK government launches a public consultation on using gene editing to modify livestock and crops.

Wednesday January 06, 2021

Coronavirus variants and mutations: The science explained
Scientists are racing to find out more about variants of the coronavirus that are spreading fast.

Alaska: Trump opens wilderness up for oil drilling
The Trump administration pushes ahead with first oil lease sales in an Arctic wildlife refuge.

Saturday January 02, 2021

Five ways to reduce your carbon footprint
Climate activists explain how individuals can help reduce their carbon emissions.

Friday January 01, 2021

Why 2021 could be crucial for tackling climate change
This year could be a "make or break" moment in the fight against global warming.

Tuesday December 29, 2020

Green body gives verdict on Boris Johnson carbon-cutting policies
The Green Alliance says there is gap between the PM's plans and what is needed to meet carbon targets.

Space images: The best of 2020
There was stunning cosmic imagery to feast on over the past year - here's our pick of the offerings.

Monday December 28, 2020

Atlantic discovery: 12 new species 'hiding in the deep'
A dozen ocean species new to science could already be threatened by climate change, scientists find.

Sunday December 27, 2020

How Ugandan Nasa scientist Catherine Nakalembe uses satellites to boost farming
Catherine Nakalembe won this year's Africa Food Prize for pioneering work using satellite images.

Friday December 25, 2020

Astronaut Scott Kelly: How to survive a year in space
Record-breaking astronaut Scott Kelly talks about living in space and his desire to go back.

Wednesday December 23, 2020

Nasa's Mars rover and the 'seven minutes of terror'
The US space agency releases an animation to show how its Perseverance robot will land on Mars.

Monday December 21, 2020

SLS: Crucial test for Nasa's 'mega-rocket'
Part of a giant rocket that will send humans back to the Moon has undergone a critical test.