23rd Jun '21

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Wednesday June 23, 2021

Online Safety Bill 'catastrophic for free speech'
A new campaign claims it outsources internet policing to Silicon Valley.

US government blocks Iran-affiliated news websites
The justice department says 36 websites linked to the Iranian government have been seized.

Smart devices for babies and parents tested
Lara Lewington looks at some of the latest gadgets and asks if they can reduce parents' stress.

Streaming TV giants face tighter UK regulation
The government also confirms a consultation into whether to privatise Channel 4.

Covid-19 air 'purifier' ad banned by watchdog
An advert which claimed an air purifier could kill off Covid cells is banned as misleading.

Trust in news has grown in the UK during pandemic, research suggests
Appetite for reliable reporting has increased but trust still below pre-Brexit levels, report says.

Sonic the Hedgehog: 'I'd never seen anything like it in a video game'
Tam Kalinkse, one of the men responsible for gaming's most loveable hedgehog, speaks to Newsbeat.

Wind turbines: How UK wants to become 'Saudi Arabia of wind'
With Britain's offshore wind power capacity growing at speed, we see how huge turbines are installed.

Climate change: Set target to cut car use, minister told
Shifting to electric vehicles will still leave the UK with transport problems, a report says.

CEO Secrets: 'My billion-pound company has no office'
How Britain's youngest billionaire works differently - setting his firm up to thrive in lockdown.

Tuesday June 22, 2021

Bitcoin tumbles below $30,000 on China crypto-crackdown
The cryptocurrency slides to its lowest value for five months after China tells banks to stop supporting transactions.

GP data sharing: What is it and can I opt out?
A scheme to centralise GP patient records in England has been delayed after concerns about a lack of publicity.

Signs of geological activity found on Venus
Scientists find evidence parts of Venus's rocky surface move around like bits of ocean pack ice.

Tinder boss says Covid changed how we swipe right
"They want to slow things down and get to know people first a lot more before they decide to match."

Climate change: Stripes campaign 'started conversations'
Coloured graphics designed by a Reading academic represent changing temperatures over time

Gabon is first African country paid to protect its rainforest
It is the first African country to get money for reducing carbon emissions through forest protection.

Google investigated over 'dominance' in ad market
The investigation will look into all aspects of Google's involvement in the digital-advertising market.

Facebook's VR ads test loses first game after backlash
Plans to test ads inside Facebook Oculus games hit a speed bump after first test game quits.

Unesco: Great Barrier Reef should be listed as 'in danger'
Canberra lashes out as the UN says the reef should join a list of World Heritage Sites "in danger".

Petrol lead still exists in London air 22 years after ban
Up to 40% of lead in airborne particles comes from the legacy of leaded petrol, researchers say.

How farmers and scientists are engineering your food
By manipulating genes scientists say they can create better-tasting produce, but is it necessary?

Monday June 21, 2021

Political trolling twice as popular as positivity, study suggests
Political social-media posts are twice as likely to go viral if they are negative, a study suggests.

Tasmanian devils devastate penguin population on Australian island
A conservation group says a project to protect the predators has dealt a "major blow" to seabirds.

PM's research plan to make UK 'science superpower'
Boris Johnson says the country will be able to "breathe life into more breakthroughs".

?Virtual beauty tests used to be gimmicky but now they are useful?
With stores closed the beauty industry has embraced augmented reality testing apps.

Sunday June 20, 2021

Climate change: How can you make your home eco-friendly?
There are many ways to reduce a property's environmental impact, says the Energy Saving Trust.

Saturday June 19, 2021

Can old traditions and tech help Singapore reach zero waste?
Singapore sees its traditional rag and bone collectors as key to its sustainability plans.

Friday June 18, 2021

HarmonyOS: Hands-on with Huawei's rival to Android
BBC Click's Chris Fox explores what Huawei's new operating system can do.

Climate change: UN virtual talks make little progress
Three weeks of talks see little movement amid worries about the impact of Covid on poorer nations.

Giant rhino fossils in China show new species was 'taller than giraffe'
The Paraceratherium linxiaense was taller than a giraffe and weighed as much as four large African elephants.

Thursday June 17, 2021

'Living fossil' fish may live for up to a century
The coelacanth was thought to live for about 20 years, but a new study suggests it's nearer 100.

The relatives frozen in time on Google Street View
People are sharing ways in which the mapping tool has accidentally connected them with dead relatives.

Nuclear energy: Fusion plant backed by Jeff Bezos to be built in UK
Canadian company General Fusion is set to build a $400m fusion demonstrator near Oxford.

Flight of the Sky Lion: 'Like VR but without the headset'
The new experience is a wonderful and complex mix of creativity and technology, BBC's LJ Rich says.

China space station: Shenzhou-12 delivers first crew to Tianhe module
Three astronauts successfully take off for China's longest ever human spaceflight mission.

UK warned it is unprepared for climate chaos
Homes need to be more resilient and the government is in a worse position than five years ago, report says.

Thousandth dormouse brought back to the wild
The captive-bred hazel dormouse is now settling into its new woodland home in Lancashire.

Wednesday June 16, 2021

Why cyber gangs won't worry about US-Russia talks
Plans to tackle ransomware hackers starts on shaky ground with a disagreement over who is responsible.

UK could be left behind in the electric car race, warns report
The UK might soon be reliant on electric vehicles imported from abroad, warns an influential group.

Tuesday June 15, 2021

Gigafactories: Europe tools up against US and Asia as a car battery force
As demand for electric cars grows, giant battery factories are being built across Europe.

Nato and climate change: How big is the problem?
Allied members have agreed to "significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from military activities".

Monday June 14, 2021

UK government pledges a 'nature-positive future'
Campaigners say government position is 'a step in the right direction but 'not yet on the money'.

Today at E3: Halo returns and Starfield first look
Today at E3: Halo returns and Starfield first look

Tech firms use remote monitoring to help honey bees
From Ireland to Israel, companies are coming to the aid of the environmentally critical insect.

Saturday June 12, 2021

Bidder pays $28m for space trip with Amazon's Bezos
The mystery auction winner will be part of the the first human flight by space company Blue Origin.

SLS: First view of Nasa's assembled 'megarocket'
Nasa has assembled the key elements of its powerful SLS rocket.

Friday June 11, 2021

UK space race investment 'is heating up'
The space industry is one of the UK's fastest growing sectors, worth 14.8bn a year.

Why it's the end of the road for petrol stations
Many petrol stations will close over the next 20 years, accelerating the shift to electric cars.

Thursday June 10, 2021

X-Press Pearl: The 'toxic ship' that caused an environmental disaster
The X-Press Pearl, off Sri Lanka, could be a threat to marine life and the fishing industry.

Tuesday June 08, 2021

Scientists say new dinosaur species is largest found in Australia
The Australotitan grew up to 30m (96ft) long and is among the largest dinosaurs found worldwide.

Thursday June 03, 2021

Optical illusion of orangutan wins award
A photo of an orangutan reflected in water has won the Nature TTL Photographer of the Year competition.

Cicadas: What to know about the 'remarkable' and noisy bugs
Why do billions of cicadas emerge from below ground every 17 years? And why are they so loud?

Friday May 28, 2021

Drones and live-streams: How tech is changing conservation
Around the world, animal conservation has evolved so it's not just humans monitoring wildlife.