16th Oct '21

The Latest Science from BBC News

Friday October 15, 2021

Mark Hankinson: Top huntsman guilty of encouraging illegal fox hunting
The senior huntsman gave the hunting advice in private webinars that were leaked online.

Self-driving Waymo cars clog up dead-end San Francisco street
Waymo says its automated vehicles are following traffic orders when they enter the dead-end street.

Apple takes down Quran app in China
The popular Islamic app was removed in the country, after an official request.

Sea-like robots float at Tate Modern and other tech news
Jen Copestake looks at the best of the week's technology news stories.

Sunderland University cyber-attack fix date unknown
Officials say they "just do not know" when online services at Sunderland University will be fixed.

Why giant turbines are pushing the limits of possibility
Huge wind turbines are pushing the limits of what ports and installation vessels can handle.

Microsoft Chief Digital Officer tops Powerlist
The Powerlist 2022 recognises the most powerful people of African and African Caribbean heritage in the UK.

Thursday October 14, 2021

Stranded 600lb turtle returned to Atlantic Ocean
The sea turtle washed ashore a riverbank in Massachusetts this week.

Microsoft shutting down LinkedIn in China
The company will offer a jobs-only site with no social-media elements, instead.

YouTube U-turns over David Davis vaccination passports clip after protest
The site says "sometimes we make the wrong call" after being accused of attacking free speech.

Facebook helps AI take a first-person view of life
It hopes artificial intelligence may one day tell you where on earth you've put your keys.

One third of UK farmers could be depressed - survey
Regulation, the pandemic and extreme weather are among factors causing high stress to farmers.

Bitcoin: Bank deputy calls for urgent crypto regulation
The Bank of England's Sir Jon Cunliffe raises concerns about the financial stability risk of cryptocurrencies.

Neighbour wins privacy row over smart doorbell and cameras
The Amazon devices were found to invade privacy and break data laws in a landmark UK case.

Nuclear fusion: Five sites shortlisted for UK energy plant
A final decision for the location of the UK's prototype fusion energy plant is due in 2022.

Prince William: Saving Earth should come before space tourism
The prince says great minds should focus "on trying to repair this planet" not exploring space.

Climate change: Carbon emissions from rich countries rose rapidly in 2021
Emissions from the richest countries are going up again this year as the global economy rebounds.

Fashionable farming - the people growing their own clothes
A team of people in the north of England are now making clothes, from seeds to finished garments.

Wednesday October 13, 2021

Climate change in India: Teen inventor's solar-powered ironing cart
India's ironing vendors use charcoal as fuel, but Vinisha Umashankar's cart harnesses the Sun's energy.

Lords return Environment Bill to the Commons with big changes
The government faces pressure to get the bill passed ahead of the COP 26 climate conference.

NHS Covid Pass: Vaccine records access restored after outage
The app widely used to prove vaccination status for travel suffered an outage Wednesday.

Star Trek's William Shatner blasts into space on Blue Origin rocket
The actor who played Captain Kirk in the classic TV show is the oldest person ever to go to space.

Waste electronics will weigh more than the Great Wall of China
Discarded waste like mobile phones and TVs in 2021 could weigh more than 57 million tonnes.

US leads Bitcoin mining as China ban takes effect
Research shows the US taking the top spot for global mining following a crackdown in China.

Should our DNA dictate what we eat?
Companies are offering dietary advice based on customers? propensity for certain heath conditions.

Apple shares drop on iPhone 13 production fears
Reports suggest the firm could produce up to 10 million fewer iPhones due to the chip shortage.

Tuesday October 12, 2021

Wildlife Photographer of the Year: 'Explosive sex' wins top prize
An image of a bursting cloud of eggs and sperm as groupers mate in the Pacific is the judges' pick.

Climate change: 'Adapt or die' warning from Environment Agency
The Environment Agency says hundreds could die in a flooding event at some point.

Building strategy to look at embodied carbon, says government
Carbon emissions from making building materials - or embodied carbon - had led to calls to end demolitions.

Why does the internet keep breaking?
Outages of Facebook and its family of apps now lead to significant disruption for firms worldwide

Monday October 11, 2021

Black scientists say UK research is institutionally racist
Senior black scientists tell the BBC they believe UK science to be "institutionally racist".

Silenced no more: A new era of tech whistleblowing?
Frances Haugen's Facebook leaks and the new Silenced No More Act may help others to come forward.

The plant with seeds that can grow meat
In an Icelandic greenhouse barley is being grown which could help produce meat without animals.

Prince Charles: I understand climate activists' anger
The Prince of Wales tells the BBC he sympathises with protesters - but any action must be constructive.

Sunday October 10, 2021

Biodiversity loss risks 'ecological meltdown' - scientists
The UK has an average of only 53% of its biodiversity left, well below the global average, study shows.

Friday October 08, 2021

Climate change: Tracking China's steel addiction in one city
The BBC travels to Wuzhou to see how cities are grappling with climate targets and a "build" mantra.

How tech could help spot disasters before they happen
How technology could help the insurance industry spot potential disasters before they occur.

Thursday October 07, 2021

Greenpeace loses North Sea Vorlich field legal challenge
The environmental group had argued permission should not have been granted by the UK government for the Vorlich oil field.

How the semiconductor shortage could be a problem for you
Intel is making an effort to combat the global semiconductor shortage at their new site in Arizona.

Ros Atkins On... China's climate change promises
Ahead of COP26, Ros Atkins looks at what the world's biggest emitters are doing to tackle climate change.

Wednesday October 06, 2021

Chemistry Nobel awarded for mirror-image molecules
A Briton and a German have been awarded the chemistry Nobel for their work to build new molecules.

Climate change: Voices from global south muted by climate science
Climate academics from some of the regions worst hit by warming are struggling to be published.

Tuesday October 05, 2021

Russian film team boldly shoot towards space station
An actress and film director dock with the International Space Station in a first for Russia.

The flood that drowned American dreams
Immigrant deaths in New York's floods lay bare the 'climate apartheid' wrought by extreme weather.

Monday October 04, 2021

The classic cars being converted to electric vehicles
Historic cars are being retrofitted with recycled electric motors and batteries.

Friday October 01, 2021

Clean energy from the fastest moving objects on earth
Why fusion promises clean unlimited energy and one firm hopes to spark it with high-speed collisions.

Thursday September 30, 2021

Virgin Galactic cleared to resume space flights
Sir Richard Branson can launch his rocket plane again after making changes to flight procedures.