20th May '24

KS4 at The Hamble School

At the hamble school we have divide up the topics from each paper into five topics, plus some short separate only topics.

Biology Chemisty Physics
Paper 1 B1.1 - Cell Structure C1.1 - Atomic Structure P1.1 - Energy changes in a system, and ways energy is stored before and after changes
B1.2 - Cell Division and transport C1.2 - The Periodic Table P1.2 - Electricity
B1.3 - Organisation C1.3 - Bonding and structure of substances P1.3 - Series and parallel circuits
B1.4 - Plant tissues, organs and Bioenergetics C1.4 - Properties of substances P1.4 - Particle model of matter
B1.5 - Infection and response C1.5 - Use of amount of substance in relation to volumes of gases P1.5 - Radiation and Atoms
Paper 2 B2.1 - Homeostasis and response C2.1 - Rates of reaction P2.1 - Forces and Energy
B2.2 - Hormones C2.2 - Crude Oil, Hydrocarbons and Cracking -
B2.3 - B2.3 - Genetic Inheritance C2.3 - Analytical chemistry P2.3 - Forces and Motion
B2.4 - B2.4 - Variation and evolution C2.4 - Evolution of the atmosphere P2.4 - Waves
B2.5 - B2.5 C2.5 - Sustainable development P2.5 - Magnets and Electromagnets
Separate Science
(Paper 2)
B2.6 - Human Impact on Biodiversity and the Environment C2.6 - Synthetic and Natural Polymers (Separates only) P2.6 - Space Physics (Separates only)
- C2.7 - Material Science (Separates only) P2.7 - Loudspeakers (Separates only)
- C2.8 - Haber Process (Separates only) P2.8 - Pressure (Separates only)