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Wednesday January 23, 2019

Xiaomi reveals fold-in-three smartphone
The Chinese tech giant confirms it has developed a smartphone-tablet hybrid with a flexible display.

Martin Lewis drops Facebook legal action
Facebook has promised the consumer rights champion measures to tackle fake ads on its platform.

Social media stars agree to declare when they post ads
Vlogger Zoella and pop star Rita Ora were threatened with court action over social media ads.

Sony to move Europe headquarters to avoid Brexit disruption
The Japanese firm will move its European headquarters to the Netherlands to avoid customs issues.

Research body to fund humanitarian efforts
New science funding initiatives are accused of pandering to political imperatives.

How virtual reality can help you manage pain
A company in Israel is using virtual reality computer games to help patients deal with chronic pain.

Tuesday January 22, 2019

The typo that led a man to a stranger's stag party
Will Novak was accidently invited to a stranger's bachelor party. He decided to attend and went viral.

Meng Wanzhou: US to 'move ahead with Huawei executive extradition'
The US must file a formal extradition request by 30 January for the Chinese telecoms executive.

Dyson to move head office to Singapore
Two senior executives will move from Wiltshire but no jobs will be lost in the process.

Huawei warns it may pull out of some countries
Chinese tech giant warns it might transfer activities to countries "where we are welcomed".

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