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Thursday November 30, 2023

'Rock star' pandas - not exactly a love story
They arrived like rock stars 12 years ago and their love life was the source of endless speculation.

Edinburgh Zoo pandas begin last day in the spotlight
Thursday is the last day the public can see Tian Tian and Yang Guang before they are returned to China.

Elon Musk says advertising boycott will kill X
In a profanity-laced outburst, the billionaire accuses firms of trying to blackmail him with ad dollars.

What is COP28 in Dubai and why is it important?
The climate change summit follows a year of weather extremes and broken temperature records.

Why food discount stickers may be a thing of the past
Supermarkets and other retailers are increasing switching to AI-powered digital price displays.

Wednesday November 29, 2023

COP28: Can a climate summit in an oil state change anything?
The big issues facing global leaders gathering for the world's most important climate summit.

'Perfect solar system' found in search for alien life
Astronomers hope to learn how its six planets formed and whether any of them are home to life

Every Bitcoin payment 'uses a swimming pool of water'
As billions face water shortages, a new study warns of the cryptocurrency's thirst for water.

COP28 president denies using summit for oil deals
A BBC report said the UAE planned to use its role as host of UN climate talks to strike oil and gas deals.

Cristiano Ronaldo faces $1bn lawsuit over Binance ads
US class action lawsuit seeks huge damages for his promotion of the world's largest crypto exchange.

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