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Friday September 29, 2023

England's single use plastics ban does not tackle takeaway boxes, warns Greenpeace
Plastic cutlery is banned under new rules but plastic containers for takeaway and shop bought meals are not.

The slow and delicate aircraft taking on spy missions
Light aircraft that can fly and loiter at very high altitudes could provide back-up for spy satellites.

Thursday September 28, 2023

Fortnite maker Epic Games cutting 16% of workforce
The company says it is shedding the staff because it's spending "way more" than it earns

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan to retire from Sony next year
He said he took the decision due to issues he had living in Europe while working in North America.

X scraps tool to report electoral fake news - researchers
A research organisation says the feature is now only available in European Union countries.

Watch: The Robot wolves trying to scare off Japan's bears
A howling 'monster wolf' is scaring wild bears away from the city of Takikawa.

The self-driving trucks that are deliberately crashed
A maker of autonomous lorries is using AI software to prang computerised versions of the vehicles.

Wednesday September 27, 2023

Meta announces AI chatbots with 'personality'
At Meta's first in-person event since before the pandemic, Mark Zuckerberg announced his AI plans.

ChatGPT can now access up to date information
The chatbot's knowledge previously only included data up to September 2021, but not any more.

Nature crisis: One in six species at risk of extinction in Great Britain
The loss of Britain's wildlife is outpacing efforts to conserve and protect nature, a major report reveals.

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