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Wednesday January 24, 2018

Stripe to ditch Bitcoin payment support
Volatility, high fees and longer transactions mean the payments firm will dump the cryptocurrency.

K'Nex builds toys rollercoaster you can ride in VR
K'Nex creates a toy rollercoaster kit that children build and then "ride" in virtual reality.

Antarctica's Weddell Sea 'deserves protected status'
Scientists have called for special status to protect coral, penguins and other wildlife in Antarctica.

Robot bartender: The bar where machines mix drinks
You can order a cocktail and a pair of robot arms will mix it for you while you wait.

Tuesday January 23, 2018

Microsoft boss: World needs more computing power
The head of tech giant Microsoft says faster machines are needed to solve difficult computing problems.

The mystery of the cars abandoned in a robot car park
Several vehicles from the 1990s were discovered during work to dismantle Edinburgh's "car park of the future".

Antarctica's Weddell Sea 'deserves protected status'
Scientists dive into Antarctic waters to build the case for a vast new marine protected area.

Mavic Air: DJI launches 'ultraportable' drone
DJI releases a drone that it says is about half the size and weight of its bestselling Mavic Pro.

Netflix tunes into subscriber surge
The streaming service adds more than 8 million members in the last three months of 2017.

Amazon's Twitch triumphs over bot-sellers
The Amazon-owned games streaming service wins a court battle versus a service selling fake views.

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