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Saturday May 18, 2024

Water firm criticised over 'scary' outbreak
A caretaker from Brixham says it is "probably the worst ailment" he has had in his adult life.

More Northern Lights soon as Sun storms strengthen
Another spectacular light show could come within two weeks as Sun storms reach 11-year high.

Friday May 17, 2024

Grand Theft Auto maker firms up GTA 6 release date
The latest instalment of the hugely popular series will be released in autumn 2025, its publisher says.

Fury v Usyk: Can Undisputed bring boxing back to video games?
How a small British developer hopes to put boxing back in contention in the video game sports genre.

Reddit shares jump after OpenAI ChatGPT deal
OpenAI and Reddit reach deal that will give ChatGPT access to content on the social media platform.

Business locked in expensive AI 'arms race'
Business leaders feel pressure to invest in AI but the costs are formidable.

Pornhub partners with UK child abuse fighting charity
They want porn sites to adopt new voluntary standards on fighting online child abuse.

Thursday May 16, 2024

Sony Music slams tech giants for unauthorised use of stars' songs
Sony Music suspects Google, Microsoft and OpenAI have used music from the likes of Adele and Beyonce.

Facebook and Instagram suspected to be 'too addictive'
The EU says its concerned the platforms algorithms "stimulate behavioural addictions in children."

Pacific squid flashes its huge attack 'headlights'
Watch video of the super-fast Dana squid as it flashes its immense light-emitting organs.

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