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Tuesday May 11, 2021

Tesla crash: Autopilot was off, says preliminary report
A car involved in a fatal crash in April had no-one in the driving seat when it was discovered.

Contest inspires next generation of female code breakers
More than 6,500 pupils from across the UK took part in the CyberFirst Girls competition.

NHS app ready to become vaccine passport next week
People will be able to use the app for travel - but only if they have received two vaccine doses.

Meituan: China tech giant's shares slide over ancient poem
Shares in Meituan slumped after its boss reportedly shared, then deleted, a Tang dynasty poem.

Forests the size of France regrown since 2000, study suggests
Conservation groups say naturally restored forests can help in the fight against climate change.

Apple's UK users deserve app price compensation, claim says
Legal action in the UK seeks compensation from Apple for high prices from a lack of competition.

The volunteers using 'honeypot' groups to fight anti-vax propaganda
Volunteers are busting anti-vaccine conspiracy theories with decoy Facebook groups.

Mind-boggling magnets could unlock plentiful power
Powerful magnets are bringing abundant, pollution-free electricity a step closer.

Monday May 10, 2021

Nasa craft carrying 4.5bn-year-old asteroid dust begins long trek home
Scientists believe the dust sample may provide clues on the formation of the Solar System.

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