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Wednesday November 20, 2019

Iran's internet blackout approaches four-day mark
Almost all internet connectivity in the country has been switched off since Saturday.

Molly Russell: Coroner demands social media firms turn over account data
Social media firms must provide data from the accounts of a teenager who killed herself, a coroner says.

Climate change: China coal surge threatens Paris targets
China is adding coal power equivalent to the EU's entire generating capacity.

UK gambling machines loaded with AI 'cool off' system
Software designed to curtail excessive play has come to all gambling machines in betting shops.

Musicians 'have to be proactive' on climate change
Emma Banks puts on tours for some of the world's biggest musicians - but says they need to change.

Election debate: Conservatives criticised for renaming Twitter profile 'factcheckUK'
Twitter said the stunt was misleading to the public and would not be tolerated in future - but did not take any direct action.

Amazon gets closer to getting Alexa everywhere
Alexa chief discusses plans to make the virtual assistant more useful when used outside the home.

Tuesday November 19, 2019

Koala rescued from fire in Australia
Bushfires are spreading across Australia's east coast, ravaging the marsupial's main habitat.

Arron Banks' private messages leaked by hacker
The founder of Leave.EU's Twitter account has been breached and messages spanning years leaked.

Snapchat says it will fact-check political ads
The policy distinguishes the platform from other tech giants such as Twitter and Facebook.

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