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Wednesday June 23, 2021

Clues to how birds migrate using Earth's magnetic field
Scientists think they may have pinpointed an elusive "living compass" behind birds' epic migrations.

DeepMind uses AI to tackle neglected deadly diseases
The company?s technology maps out the shape of proteins, an otherwise costly and time-consuming process.

Online Safety Bill 'catastrophic for free speech'
A new campaign claims it outsources internet policing to Silicon Valley.

EU wants emergency team for 'nightmare' cyber-attacks
European Commission says recent ransomware attacks on US and Ireland have "focussed mind"

US government blocks Iran-affiliated news websites
The justice department says 36 websites linked to the Iranian government have been seized.

Smart devices for babies and parents tested
Lara Lewington looks at some of the latest gadgets and asks if they can reduce parents' stress.

Streaming TV giants face tighter UK regulation
The government also confirms a consultation into whether to privatise Channel 4.

Covid-19 air 'purifier' ad banned by watchdog
An advert which claimed an air purifier could kill off Covid cells is banned as misleading.

Trust in news has grown in the UK during pandemic, research suggests
Appetite for reliable reporting has increased but trust still below pre-Brexit levels, report says.

Sonic the Hedgehog: 'I'd never seen anything like it in a video game'
Tam Kalinkse, one of the men responsible for gaming's most loveable hedgehog, speaks to Newsbeat.

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