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Friday July 19, 2024

Crowdstrike says IT problems will take time to fix
Experts say the manual fix required means it could take days for big organisations to get back to normal.

Crowdstrike and Microsoft: What we know about global IT outage
A mass IT outage has caused chaos around the world, with major airlines among the victims.

How a single IT update caused global havoc
Friday's IT outage is a poignant reminder of how reliant the world has become on devices managed remotely by huge firms.

Mass IT outage affects airlines, hospitals, media and banks
Cyber-security firm Crowdstrike said its update had caused the problem on computers running Windows.

Chip stocks drop on fears US to toughen China rules
The sell-off came after a report that the US may further tighten rules on equipment exports to China.

What will future aerial dogfights look like?
AI with dogfighting ability is being developed by the UK and US air forces.

Thursday July 18, 2024

UK coal mine fights for future in court
The coal mine promises to be net zero but a recent major ruling has cast doubt on its future.

Can we make work meetings more bearable?
The providers of video meetings software are now offering AI tools that help the participants.

Make electricity cheaper to boost heat pumps - climate advisers
Cutting electricity bills would persuade more people to install heat pumps, the government is told.

Dinosaur skeleton fetches record $44.6m at auction
The near complete skeleton of a stegosaurus - named Apex - is 11ft (3.4m) tall and 27ft long, Sotheby's says.

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