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Wednesday August 12, 2020

Mauritius oil spill: Almost all fuel oil pumped out of MV Wakashio
There has been a race against time to remove the fuel oil, amid fears that the ship will break up.

Coronavirus: England's contact-tracing app gets green light for trial
Public tests are set to start on Thursday, but concerns remain about how accurately distance is measured.

Belarus election: How Nexta channel bypassed news blackout
Demonstrators defied an internet shutdown using a channel called Nexta that posts videos and photos.

Google Lookout: App reads grocery labels for blind people
An update to Google's blindness assistance app adds AI image recognition for food shopping.

Facebook adds 'blackface' photos to banned posts
The company's rules also explicitly target references to common anti-Semitic stereotypes.

Freeview viewers complain of fewer channels after retune
People complain of a loss of channels following works to transmitters in parts of the UK.

Online political campaigning 'to be more transparent'
A "digital imprint" will make web content as accountable as leaflets and posters, ministers say.

Europe's earliest bone tools found in Britain
Archaeologists say they've discovered the earliest known bone tools in Europe.

How Ebola prepared one doctor for Covid-19
How Ebola prepared one doctor in the Democratic Republic of Congo to treat coronavirus.

Tiger sightings increase in Thai forest
This year 79 tigers were captured on hidden cameras in Thailand?s Thungyai-Huai Kha Khaeng forest.

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