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Sunday December 08, 2019

Plastic pollution: Wales should cut 3G sports pitch waste
There are concerns tyre infill from sports pitches is ending up in waterways and harming wildlife.

Seychelles: The island nation with a novel way to tackle climate change
The Seychelles has swapped 5% of its national debt for a cash injection to fight climate change and save its ocean.

General election 2019: Your questions on climate change and the environment
Your questions answered: The environment, wildlife and climate change.

Saturday December 07, 2019

General election 2019: Reddit says UK-US trade talks document leak 'linked to Russia'
Jeremy Corbyn claimed the papers proved "the NHS is for sale" when he highlighted them at a press conference.

Climate change: Oceans running out of oxygen as temperatures rise
A warmer world means oceans are able to hold less dissolved oxygen, which is bad news for many fish.

'How smart home tech helps me live independently'
Specially designed tech is allowing Adam, who has Down's syndrome, to live without in-home carers.

Indian Ocean Dipole: What is it and why is it linked to floods and bushfires?
A climate system in the Indian Ocean, known as the dipole, is behind extreme weather events in East Africa and Australia.

Biodiversity: The best plants for attracting insects to gardens
With insect populations in decline, a study shows how gardens can support beetles, spiders and the like.

NHS e-health systems 'risk patient safety'
The use 21 separate electronic record systems in NHS hospitals across England 'could lead to errors'.

General election 2019: Labour pledges to electrify England's bus fleet
It wants to electrify England's buses by 2030, but the Tories say Labour would "scrap vital new roads".

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