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Saturday February 23, 2019

NHS told to ditch 'outdated' pagers
The health secretary wants to scrap the ?archaic technology? which costs the NHS about 6.6m a year.

Friday February 22, 2019

Nike app for self-tying shoe comes undone
The Google Android app that controls the new Adapt BB fails to sync with wearers' feet.

Great Barrier Reef: One million tonnes of sludge to be dumped
Australia agrees to discard of one million tonnes of waste in world's largest coral reef.

Virgin's Unity plane rockets skyward
Scottish pilot Dave Mackay pushes Virgin Galactic's rocket plane faster and higher than it's ever been.

Botswana mulls lifting elephant hunting ban
A government report recommends lifting a four-year ban on hunting elephants.

World's biggest bee found alive
A giant bee, thought lost to science decades ago, has been re-discovered on an Indonesian island.

Israel's Beresheet Moon mission gets under way
The privately backed Beresheet robot leaves Earth on a mission to land on the lunar surface in April.

Hayabusa-2: Japan spacecraft touches down on asteroid
The Hayabusa-2 probe descended to the Ryugu asteroid to try to collect a sample from its surface.

5G networks: Trump says US shouldn't block technology
The comments come as the US has pressured its allies to exclude China's Huawei from their 5G networks.

Old becomes new
Two students take up the challenge of repairing, reusing and recycling clothes for London Fashion Week.

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