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Thursday February 22, 2018

Neanderthals were capable of making art
Contrary to the traditional view of them as brutes, it turns out that Neanderthals enjoyed making art.

Mutation 'gives bats edge over deadly viruses'
A single mutation in an immunity gene may explain why bats can carry deadly viruses and not get sick.

SpaceX launches broadband pathfinders
The US rocket company puts up two satellites to test technologies for a broadband mega-constellation.

Disney loses in Redbox copyright row
Disney loses a bid to stop movie rental company Redbox from reselling download codes for its films.

Seychelles protects an area 'as big as Britain' in Indian Ocean
A novel deal with donors including Leonardo DiCaprio turned public debt into conservation funding.

The next CS:GO Major Championship to be held in London
The Wembley Arena in London will host the next CS:GO Major Championship, one of the biggest eSports events in the world.

Elon Musk quits AI ethics research group
One of the most vocal critics of AI quits the ethics board as Tesla utilises the technology.

White nationalist Jared Taylor sues Twitter over ban
Jared Taylor's lawyer claims the suspension of his client's account is a form of Twitter censorship.

Game helps players spot 'fake news'
Players run their own fake news empire so they can learn how misinformation is spread.

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