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Saturday December 03, 2022

Earthshot Prize: Prince William announces five winners
Friends from Oman who turn CO2 into rock and a UK firm making packaging from seaweed are among the winners.

'Merry Christmas': 30 years of the text message
In December 1992, the first SMS text message was sent to a mobile phone by an engineer in Berkshire.

Friday December 02, 2022

Notpla: UK plastic-alternative developer among 1m Earthshot Prize winners
A London firm which developers nature-friendly packaging is among five climate prize winners.

Bright-eyed tree frog wins ecology photo prize
This year?s winners of the British Ecological Society competition "celebrate the diversity" of ecology.

Bristol: Fossil shows lizards millions of years older than thought
A scientist says the fossil is "one of the most important found in the last few decades".

No more airplane mode? EU to allow calls on flights
EU airlines will be able to install equipment that lets them provide 5G on board planes by June 2023.

Elon Musk suspends Kanye West from Twitter for inciting violence
Elon Musk confirmed the rapper had violated Twitter's rules around inciting violence.

'5G makes my phone pretty worthless'
Some users are finding the next generation of mobile internet slow and patchy, three years after it launched.

Thursday December 01, 2022

Nature-based farming-subsidies scheme given green light
A post-Brexit green subsidy scheme is going ahead - but there is no clarity on what farmers will be paid.

Russian mercenary videos 'top 1bn views' on TikTok
The platform is said to be hosting hundreds of videos that celebrate the Russian Wagner group.

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