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Thursday April 02, 2020

Three human-like species lived side-by-side in ancient Africa
Two million years ago, Africa was home to three human-like species, new discoveries reveal.

Google uses AI to enhance video call audio
The new system realistically fills short gaps in conversations where drops previously occurred.

Zoom boss apologises for security issues and promises fixes
The firm will freeze all new feature development to concentrate on fixing security and privacy issues.

Amazon wins trademark battle over Davidoff perfume
European Court judges that Amazon is not responsible for a Marketplace seller's trademark infringement.

Amazon Prime allows in-app purchases for Apple users
The changes will apply to users in the US, UK, and Germany.

How Bafta is hosting games awards in lockdown
The Bafta Games Awards will be the first major awards to take place during social distancing rules.

Coronavirus: Should the UK use drones to disinfect public spaces?
A group is calling for a change in regulation so drones can spray disinfectant in public places

Coronavirus: Expert panel to assess face mask use by public
Experts are set to assess the value of face masks in helping slow the spread of coronavirus.

Coronavirus: How China's using surveillance to tackle outbreak
China is using its high tech system to tackle the outbreak, but is the state interference justified?

Wednesday April 01, 2020

Coronavirus forces postponement of COP26 meeting in Glasgow
A key climate conference due in November is delayed over disruption caused by the coronavirus.

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