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Monday August 19, 2019

E-Scooters: Should they be legal on public roads?
Some riders are calling for regulation rather than an outright ban.

Call Of Duty World League Championship: eUnited crowned winners
The finals of the e-sports championship took place in Los Angeles this weekend.

How online extremists are shaping the minds of white teens
How can parents intervene when boys seem drawn into extremist internet culture - and should they?

The floating farm for cows
The cows on this floating farm in the Netherlands are helping find ways of making food sustainably

Saturday August 17, 2019

Nasa picks headquarters for Moon lander
A Nasa facility in Alabama will play a key role in sending astronauts to the Moon's surface in 2024.

The Fortnite coach who helped create teenage millionaires
Hugh Gilmour failed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup, so has turned to coaching instead.

Elephant protection debate to dominate conservation meeting
Some countries are seeking extra protection while others want to re-open ivory markets at key trade meeting in Geneva.

Friday August 16, 2019

Uganda and Zambia rejects Huawei spying allegations
Uganda and Zambia reject a report that they used Chinese telecoms firm Huawei to spy on the opposition.

'Fake' Amazon ambassadors baited on Twitter
Amazon says its warehouse ambassadors are authentic, but critics accuse them of being "paid to lie".

Meadowhall shoppers scanned in facial recognition trial
The owner of Sheffield's Meadowhall centre says data was "immediately deleted" after the trial.

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